41LisbcncLLConversation: A New Theory of Language
by Carl H. Flygt
Foreword by Madison Smartt Bell

There is no social science yet that includes the norms of spiritual initiation, individual freedom, and sociological law, but in this book Carl H. Flygt has taken a step toward creating a radically new social science. He asserts that the phenomenon of conversation includes an objectively treatable structure, and for this reason can be held to standards that can not only awaken human clairvoyance, but also liberate the emotions and the spiritual will while contributing to a social background that gives real community an explicit value. Flygt’s treatment of language use and social background is penetratingly original, academically up to date, and philosophically convincing. His new theory of language provides a way forward despite a social future that appears destined to be mind-numbingly complex, frustratingly impersonal, and economically inequitable.

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